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Are you trying to find out how much the 60 000KM Service on your VW Polo Vivo should cost? Comet Car Rental provides this information to help the consumer, if it does help you in any way please don’t forget to tell your VW Polo Vivo driving friends and family to check this post out.  The 60,000 km service is a more expensive service for a Polo Vivo, because the spark plugs get changed on this service and all the filters. In this service you will be asked to change your brake pads if they have not already been changed, and probably your wipers and the anti-freeze. 

As long term car rental specialists in South Africa with offices in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, we have a lot of Volkswagen Polo Vivos on our fleet that we service regularly and thought that we would shed some light on the service costs of the Volkswagen Polo Vivo.

We got a price for brake pads from our local speedy and they charged R897 including VAT and Labour.  Compare this to your quote if you get a quote from VW.  A general tip - VW are negotiable so you could get the service advisor to do it for R1,000 all in if you speak nicely to them, which is easy because VW are the friendliest brand out there.  The wipers on these cars are dead easy to change, so you could change them at a Midas for about R149 if you have the time. At our car rental branches we keep a stock of these so that we can keep our wipers in perfect condition.

If your quote differs from the one above, check firstly, the number of litres of oil, then the number of hours of labour, then the hourly rate for labour.  Different garages charge different rates for labour. The further you are from affluent areas the cheaper your labour rates will be.

 The base service excluding the items listed above at 19 April 2018 are the following:

1.7 Hours Labour @ R700 per hour R1190.00
Engine Oil 3.7Litres x R107.28 R387.02
Oil Filter R144.00
Pollen Filter R230.00
Spark Plugs 4 x 57 R228.00
Air Filter R176.00
Screw R23.00
Total Ex. VAT R2378.02
VAT R356.70
Total Incl VAT R2734.72

As a general rule of thumb do not change the brake pads at the dealership, you  can get the exact same brake pads from Speedy at a fraction of the cost.

Is the quote for the 60 000KM Service on your Polo Vivo higher than the above? Remember to check the amount of time as well as the amount of oil charged, the dealerships use 210 litre oil drums with automatic dispensers, so they should not overcharge you on oil.