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There is a reason they call it blacklisted!  When you have a judgement or default listed against your name, you can’t get finance from a bank due to your risk of credit default.  If you do get finance, the rate is usually very high and has lots of extra fees linked to it.

This means you need to find alternative ways of getting the things you need in life.  Rent to own is generally accepted as a non-finance method of getting what you want, and continuing with your life.  The term “finance for blacklisted” or “car finance for people under debt review is a myth when it comes to financing a car.

The benefits of using a rent to own company is that usually they don’t do a credit check (they may even advertise ‘car finance no credit check’), and they will let you have the car you want so long as you have the first month’s payment and the deposit.  This is a mistake, you should always make sure that you decide what you can, and can’t afford.

The problem with using a rent to own company is that sometimes you are too excited to have just been “approved”, so you don’t read the small print and you end up in a worse situation than where you started.  Typically a rent to own company will make you sign a long term contract (with exit penalties), so you have to rent the car for 48 or even 54 months to be able to get the car.  If you cancel early you lose all your benefits.  They will also tie you in with limited mileage deals, so you end up paying more than what you expected.  The other major issue is that you could end up with a fly by night company who disappear, and the next thing the bank come knocking on your door to collect the car.  Unfortunately rent to own is not easy sailing, but below are some tips to help.

A simple check list when you are doing a rent to own would be as follows:

  • Enquire about the early termination rules, are there any penalties? This is the most important aspect.
  • Enquire about the reputation of the company you are dealing with, you need to be sure that they will be around when the time comes to get your car
  • A quick search on hellopeter.com will tell you whether company you are dealing with is reputable.
  • Ask for the service history and the accident history of the vehicle, check that the vehicle has been professionally repaired.
  • Check the rules on how mileage gets billed
  • Ask if the vehicle comes with insurance and check that 3rd party is included and check what is excluded
  • Compare prices and quality of vehicles, if one rent to own company approves you, most will.

Comet Car Rental have partnered with SA Motor Lease to lease our old rental cars to the public on rent to own.  We ensure that they hold themselves to the highest standards, and do not prey on people in a vulnerable situation.  A car in South Africa is an essential piece of equipment if you want to have a decent job and have your kids at the best schools.  Without it, life is hard.  If you are under debt review, you have two options, rent at high prices and never get any other benefits, or rent to own and lower your cost. SA Motor Lease operates in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, so you are always near a branch.

SA Motor Lease have adapted their contracts from internationally accepted good practice so that you are always in a better situation when you decide to rent to own a vehicle with SA Motor Lease.  They have easy exit terms and conditions so that you don’t pay after you return the vehicle, and even the deposit is refundable.  You can still get the benefits if you wish to upgrade or downgrade early.  You can get a cash rebate if you have looked after your car well, and its worth more than the predicted value.  SA Motor Lease have ethical staff who are empowered to do the right thing, so you always get fair treatment, and you know your investment is safe.  While there are other rent to own companies out there who are ethical and have integrity, it’s a good idea to get a few quotes and ask the questions we have posed above as a way of ensuring you go with the best rent to own car and best rent to buy company.


People that travel more often have less stress. They meet new people, see new places, breath in fresh air this helps them to forget about all their problems. Travelling in groups can be more exciting and cheaper for you when travelling with a minibus rental. Minibuses are usually luxury vehicles that are hired by travellers who want to travel in large groups.

A Minibus may be smaller in appearance but it has more than enough space inside for all your passengers and belongings you would like to take along with you on your adventure.

The storage space available on the minibus and air conditioning system are some of the features you can consider when looking at the bus. They can determine comfort levels and convenience during travel. Also important to check is the physical condition of the minibus so that you do not end up being held accountable for damages that did not happen when the bus was under your care. Examine the bus you prefer before hiring it and if possible go for a test drive if you will be the one driving just to be sure of the condition.

Are you looking for a minibus rental? Look no further! See our minibus rentals or call us on 021 386 2411 to speak to one of our minibus rental specialists who will gladly be able to assist you.

If you have never travelled to Africa and visited some of its main cities, you will easily agree with other Africa travel enthusiasts that Cape Town is indeed the greatest of all African cities. On the contrary, if you have never visited the city before, you may think all these descriptions you read about. Several travellers who have been there claim to fall in love with the city on their first visit, almost to the extent of being seduced to stay forever.


Table Mountain

Nature endowed Cape Town with many splendid gifts, the most outstanding of which is the Table Mountain. Towering right behind the city at 1086m above sea level, the Table Mountain is the pride of Capetonians, so much that they consider it the "spirit of the city". Without this flat-topped mountain, much of the city's splendour would be gone.

For starters, Table Mountain forms the ever-present gorgeous backdrop that makes Cape Town a photographers' paradise. But beyond that, the mountain is at the centre of most travel activities in in the city. Lovers of adventure have a great time trekking in the many world class hiking routes up and on top of the mountain. Or if you do not want to break a sweat, you can ride on a cable car to the top of the mountain and enjoy the great scenery below.

Cape Town Beaches

Besides for Table Mountain, the beaches near and around Cape Town are another major attraction. Two oceans meet at the cape peninsula: the cool Atlantic Ocean and the warmer Indian Ocean. The result is two different, but equally fascinating styles of beaches. Many fashionable travellers prefer the beaches on the western side of the peninsula, i.e. the cooler Atlantic Ocean side. This is mostly because these beaches enjoy longer hours of sunshine and do not experience the sometimes irritating "Cape Doctor" wind. The Atlantic Seaboard is arguable most popular of these beaches. It is a long stretches from V&A waterfront in Cape Town to Hout Bay.


The Winelands

The famous Cape Winelands are yet another reason you should visit this beautiful place. The winelands consist of very fertile and beautiful valleys planted with large vine fields. The green of the valleys and the beauty of the surrounding mountains give the Cape Winelands a very romantic aura, the kind that is hard to describe with words. Most of the best South African brandy and wines are produced from these vines. Though the winelands are not really within the city itself, they are only a few minutes to one-hour drive away. There are a number of smaller towns and villages in the Cape Winelands, with Stellenbosch being the most renowned. Which is a very beautiful town to visit.


Robben Island

One other great attraction that you will find near Cape Town is the infamous Robben Island. This is the Island mostly remembered as the prison Island where Nelson Mandela spent about 18 of his 27 years prison term. From the V&A Waterfront, Robben Island is only about 12 kilometres away, a trip of roughly 40 minutes by boat. In fact, Cape Town and the Table Mountain are seen clearly and perhaps more beautifully from Robben Island. The Island is today an important icon of South Africa's struggle against apartheid, with the former prison having been made a museum.

Cape town is a very beautiful city to visit if you are visiting Cape Town and need a car Rental to get around to all these must see places. Look no further! Comet car rental has a wide range of car rentals available on their fleet for you to choose from. See our car rentals available or call us on 021 386 2411 to speak to one of our car rental specialists who will gladly be able to asset you.

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With the current financial situation, we have to always control spending of unnecessary money. In this day and age a car is a necessity, we all know how stressful it can be to have to constantly rely on the use of public transport which is not always very reliable.

When people purchase vehicles they are quite fussy on what they want to drive. Cars like the Mercedes C200, but these vehicles are very pricey when purchasing.

The best choice would be to go through a car hire company to save on the long run and not have to pay out all that money on deposits etc. like you would with buying this type of vehicle through the bank. There is also another potential positive effect when going through a car hire company.  In the form of deflation of used vehicles. Let’s say you purchased a brand new Mercedes for yourself at a very big price a few months pass by and you decide that you can no longer afford the car, you have no choice but to sell it, and you will never make your money back on it.

As Car Hire Specialists we decided to give you some of the benefits on hiring a car instead of purchasing one

Firstly you can drive all the latest vehicles that come in. buying a new vehicle is the vehicle you are going to have to drive until you purchase another one. Going through a car hire company allows you to change vehicles at any time.

Another great thing about a luxurious car hire is that you do not have to worry about the depreciation on the vehicle or you do not have to worry about the car breaking down etc. as it is all covered in your monthly instalment with the car hire company.

You can also decide on how long you would like to have the vehicle for it can be weeks, months or even years all depending on your agreement with the car hire company. At Comet Car Rental we will guide you all the way and make you happy with your chosen car hire.

At Comet Car Rental we offer you very affordable luxurious car hire rates. Give us a call on 021 386 2411 to book your next luxurious car rental today.