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Did you know that the Mother City offers a range of activities that are actually best experienced from May to September each year? Here is a list of top 9 reasons to visit Cape Town specifically during this time to make your winter wonderful.

1. Off-Season Special Deals and Offers

You get way more bang for your buck as many hotels, restaurants, tour operators and attractions discount their rates heavily during the off-season. Not only do you get great value for money, but the low season also means fewer tourists, less traffic and no long queues. 

2. Milder, cool weather

Are you worried about the weather in Cape Town during this time? Don’t be! The fact is that the city enjoys a mild Mediterranean-type climate with daytime temperatures averaging a maximum of 18 – 20 degrees Celsius during winter and spring compared to 5 degrees in London and - 2 degrees in New York.

The absence of the scorching Africa sun also allows for outdoor activities like hiking, trail running and mountain biking and when it does rain, well, what better excuse to go to some of the City's amazing restaurants surrounded by beautiful and spectacular views of Table mountain.

3. It's the Green Season

You don't need to put on your Polaroid sunglasses to see the mountains, grass and fields transform to bright green during winter seasons. World-renowned for its splendour, Cape Town’s nature scene truly comes alive after the first rainfall with Table Mountain and surrounding Cape mountain ranges at its spectacular best.  It is the ideal time to grab your camera, put on your hiking boots and go view the many waterfalls and streams visible on the mountain slopes, natural forests, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and parks in and around the city.

4. Adventure Sport Heaven

Ask any surfer and they will tell you that the bigger waves, wind conditions and warmer sea temperatures are the perfect combinations for all sorts of surfing along the coast in winter. Don't wait till summer to take up kite-surfing, May to September is the best time to give it a try.

5. Shark Cage Diving Prime Time

The absolute best time to do shark cage diving is in winter, with a 99% success rate due to the fact that sharks are particularly active in their feeding behaviour. The visibility in the ocean is also at its best, helping you to see these spectacular creatures up close and personal without any interferences.

6. Cosy Feasting Experiences

During winter locals just love crawling out of their homes to go to their favourite eatery or trying out new spots over weekends. You can literally choose from hundreds of restaurants offering comforting eating experiences, many with cosy fireplaces, atmospheric views and special winter deals. A perfect way to spend a cooler winter's day is to explore the variety of bustling indoor markets in and around the city, like the City Bowl Market or the Bay Harbour Market, or do a food and wine pairing at one of the world-class wine estates in the area that is also a very popular choice to go for while visiting Cape Town in winter seasons.

7. Whale-watching Season

July to September is the peak calving season for whales, which means you are guaranteed many opportunities to spot the worlds’ biggest mammal. Take a drive along the False Bay Coast or visit Hermanus, the whale capital of the world for your best chance of spotting them.

8. Time to Relax and Rejuvenate

One of Cape Town’s best affordable luxury experiences is visiting one of the first-class spa’s and winter is the ideal season to take a day off from the rush to refresh, renew and revive your body and mind in an indulgent environment.

9. Flower Season

Travellers from around the world annually come to the Cape in August and September to witness a natural spectacle when millions of beautiful wildflowers start blooming for spring.